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DASNI Annual General Meeting held online 20 March 2006

Item 1: Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 6.06 pm PT, 8.06 pm CT, 9.06 pm ET North America, Midnight Brazil, 2.06 am UK, 10.06 am 21 March West Australia, 12.06 pm  East Australia, 3.06pm NZ, 4.06 pm Hawaii.

Item 2: 2005 Director and Proxy Roll Call:

The following Directors and Members were on line:

Lynn Jackson (Chair) (Canada)
Peter Ashley (UK)
Morris Friedell (US)
Shirl Garnett (Australia)
Jeanne Lee (US)
Mary Lockhart (US)
Carole Mulliken (US)
Judy Robbe (Brazil)
Candy Harrison (US)




Apologies: Alan Gibb (NZ)

Christine Bryden (Australia
Alan Benson (Canada)
Lisa Genova (US)
Jenny Knauss (US)
Tracey Mobley (US)
Don Moyer (US)
Jean Opalka (US)
Charles Schneider (US)
Ben Stevens (US)
Lynne Culipher (Texas)
Mary Mckinlay(Ontario)
Molly G (Missouri)
Sabrina (CG TN)
Vernon (California)

Note taker: Paul Bryden (Australia)

There being 8 Directors, a quorum was declared.

Item 3: Adoption of Agenda

On the motion of Carole Mulliken seconded Morris Friedell the Agenda as circulated was adopted.

Item 4: Adoption of Previous Minutes

On the motion of Mary Lockhart, seconded Shirl Garnett, the Minutes of the 2005 AGM were adopted as circulated.

Item 5: Reports to the AGM from the President and Directors of 2005

The Reports were adopted on the motion of Shirl Garnett seconded Carole Mulliken.

Item 6: Treasurer's Report

On the motion of Peter Ashley seconded Mary Lockhart the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Item 7: Results of elections for positions of Directors for 2006

The result of the 2006 election for Directors was declared as follows:

Peter Ashley   UK
Don Moyer and Jenny Knauss    USA
Charley Schneider    USA
Shirley Garnett    Australia
Mary Lockhart    USA
Judy Robbe    Brazil
Jeanne Lee    USA
Carole Mulliken    USA
Nadine Schofield    UK
Alan Benson    Canada
Candy Harrison    USA
Chuck Jackson    USA
Mary Mckinlay    Canada

It was noted that the Directors would arrange an early link up to determine the new Executive. Peter Ashley undertook to arrange an email list of Directors to facilitate on line meetings, assisted by Carole Mulliken. Candy Harrison and Don Moyer also offered to assist as needed.

The meeting expressed its thanks to the outgoing President Lynn Jackson who had proved to be an inspiration for the work of DASNI.

Other Business

The following issues were discussed:

Regional Councils:
Members noted that that Vice Presidents for the three Regions, namely the Americas, Oceania and Europe, would be chosen by the Directors, and that Member was welcome to assist the VPs in whatever way they might be able.

It was suggested that VPs might report on their activities to the next AGM

Limits to terms for Directors:
It was suggested that the Directors consider the issue of limiting the terms of Directors in an appropriate way, both to encourage rotation and also to take into account the different rates of progress of dementia experienced by individual Members.

There being no further Business, the meeting closed at 6.45pm PT, 8.45 pm CT, 9.45 pm ET North America, Midnight Brazil, 2,45 am UK, 10.45 am 21 March West Australia, 12.45 pm  East Australia, 3.45pm NZ 4.45 pm Hawaii.

The following Motions were voted in by the 2005 DASNI Directors on February 28th, 2006.

Motions Approved:

MOTION NUMBER TWO: There being only twelve board members to vote for 15, 10 or more votes shall confirm a nomination.

MOTION NUMBER THREE:  President and Vice President (overall, internationally) officers shall be selected from board members who have been directors for a minimum of a year.

MOTION NUMBER FOUR:  The Vice Presidents for the three regional councils may be exempt from the one-year prior board service standard if the need arises(for example, if we should create a Council for Asia as we discussed at an earlier meeting).

MOTION NUMBER FIVE: Board members missing three or more votes without assigning a proxy shall be considered no longer in office.

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