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ADI 2001 New Zealand - Emails

Date: Wed Oct 24, 2001 3:29 pm
Subject: Re: [DASN] ADI Conference

Good Morning from New Zealand!

Just a brief message to you all to let you know that the DASN Int'l. delegation arrived safe and sound. We are overwhelmed by the accommodations that the New Zealand ADI group has made available for us.

Our 'stand' which we set up yesterday, has a back board presentation space that is showcasing DASN very well. One wall is 6' the other 9'. We are first in the line, and the first booth you see when entering the exhibition hall - and the place to be at the conference! The response from delegates has been very positive, very supportive to say the least. ADI has provided a meeting room specifically for PWiD - a VERY large room with food, drinks, chairs, tables and couches so that we may lay down and nap if we desire. (We will also be holding our workshops in this room.)

We have had many press contacts and have all done interviews for either TV, radio, magazines or newspapers.

I think we are all exhausted and running on positive adrenaline knowing we need to seize the moment while we have the positive interest! We have filmmakers interested in doing documentaries, chapters from around the world eager to share the "DASN In'tl. Connection", Parkinson's Disease Foundation has extended an invitation to participate in their national conference, and would like to use DASN Int'l. as their advocacy model. And many more opportunities I'm sure I've forgotten -- this is so heartening and energizing! (I'll drop next week -- this week we are all shining!!) Friends we've met on the Internet and have now embraced .... personal greetings delivered from UK and Peter the Grate who has sent his emissary. This is going to be a very positive step forward for the PWiD's of the world I truly believe the repercussions of DASN's philosophy, presence and advocacy will make a difference around the world. People are asking for chat in Hebrew & Spanish thus far to add to our English speaking chat -- far reaching possibilities! You are all here with us in spirit and we carry your message of hope, possibilities and life after diagnosis.

The conference starts in half hour so I must dash (easy to pick up on the local lingo . . LOL) Hold us in your hearts as we do you! We will do our best to keep you updated . . . J@n

Date: Thu Oct 25, 2001 1:56 am
Subject: Re: [DASN] ADI New Zealand Conference Update

Hello again from downunder - Great day of networking -- Christine got a standing ovation after her presentation (so what's new? LOL) Lots of references to DASN Int'l - coping skills and challenges that we as PWiDs face at the hands of the so called experts <VBG> -- We are the hit of the TV stations here! We are really a great team - none of us trying to be the star - all working together -- tag-team with our input to people who will make a difference for PWiD'sbecause they have the political clout (and now they are seriously includingour ideas and forward thinking) Met three top Alz. Assn. people - the US has committed to a new paradigm - we will have to continue to insure that we meet that committment with a follow thru proposal. We were hosted by Verna Schfield to dinner this evening with Alan Gibb of New Zealand -- poor lady don't think she realized what she was in for as we ALL heavily lobbied for ADI DASN Int'l linkages. Tomorrow the working group (this is to be a year long joint venture working toward acceptance of our proposal in Barcelona) with ADI and our discussion groups with PWiDs. Christine & I signing off now -- very early morning again tomorrow ... and we MUST shine!!! LOL

From: morrisff
Date: Thu Oct 25, 2001 10:22 pm
Subject: ADI update from New Zealand

Brian and Jean made it to the Conference this afternoon. It was great to meet them face to face.

Our PWiDs-only meetings are going well, as we introduced or reintroduced ourselves and talked about our physical, emotional and spiritual ways of coping. The sharing about the latter was particularly good.

Christine's and my workshop was effective, I think, in its goal of beginning to build bridges between PWiDs and TABs, and was well attended by both.

For me today's highlight was the warm reception given to our concerns and our proposals by the ADI Working Group on Inclusion of People with Dementia, where Jan and Lynn are the DASN representatives and I was an observer. It was wonderful to experience the caring and concern of the leadership of this global organization has for our dignity and participation and contribution.


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