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Email from the conference - 2002 Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) Conference Barcelona

Date: Thu Oct 24, 2002 1:18 pm
Subject: Hello from Barcelona


Just a quick message because it is late in the evening here in Barcelona.

Today was the first day of the ADI conference and Peter Ashley gave an incredible presentation to 2000 people. He received a roaring standing ovation and was cause for much attention afterwards. People were wanting to talk to him, congratulate him and take his photo all day!

Marilyn Truscott, Verna Schoefield, Christine B and Lynn J presented in a workshop in the afternoon that resulted in seven different countries' Alzheimer's Associations coming to the DASNI booth in the hour following wanting to know how to start a support group and how to be a part of DASNI.

Marilyn will be writing a more formal report about the conference when she returns to Canada.

Joe and Penny,
our gift of dinner money went a long way last night. You are so generous! Thank you again.
The 5 of us PWiDs, 3 carepartners and Verna Schofield and Helen Regan from ADI partook in a most enjoyable dinner. We toasted you two and were thinking of everybody 'back home' who could not be with us.

Tomorrow is another busy day so I had best say goodnight for now.